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The technical consulting campaigns for dragon fruit in Mekong Delta (Part 1)

In recent years, dragon fruit has been chosen as a key crop by some provinces because of its high economic value. Farmers have newly switched their main crops to dragon fruit and so there are a lack of experience and cultivation technique in dragon fruit cultivation.

Early this year, many consulting campaigns were carried out by Vinhthinh Biostadt in Long An and Tien Giang. In these campaigns, technical staffs from Vinhthinh Biostadt provided technical consultancy to farmers at Chau Thanh, Long An and to show appreciation to farmers who have been supporting the company.

Identifying important points which dragon fruit farmers are struggling with include lack of nutrients in farmland, bad appearance of harvested fruit, inconsistent fruit colour and white spots disease affected by the showers of Khanun storm (storm no.11).

Some photographs of dragon fruits having white spot disease with bad color:

In order to solve these important points, the following is a nutritional solution for dragon fruit garden which is disease-free and with greater yield of dragon fruit than usual. Please refer to:

The enthusiastic technical team of the company helped the farmers to understand the benefits as well as the application of Wokozim, a bio-organic fertilizer, to provide an urgent solution to recover dragon fruit garden flooded after storm and to provide nutrient source for garden in artificial lighting in the night. At the same time to guide farmers in the application of Tricel 48EC, a herbicide and Sulfex 80WG, a pesticide which have been trusted by many farmers for many years.

Besides, on these days, we collected the farmer’s opinions for their confusion and lack of confidence with so many fertilizer formulas in the market for the different growth stages of dragon fruit such as budding, the first and second time fruit creation, etc. They did not know how to choose the suitable kinds of fertilizer. If the wrong kind of fertilizer is used the dragon fruit garden will not develop well. As Vinhthinh Biostadt understand their problems, the company have introduced two kinds of NPK fertilizers,"NPK 18 10 10 for budding and NPK 20 15 17 for developing fruit from growing period to harvest. The important qualities of these two kinds of fertilizer are a full range of micro-nutrients in the form of Chelate, organic ingredients and growth elements in order to provide a balanced range of nutrients in the farmland. This provides the famers with an easy solution to choosing the right kind of fertilizer for different developing stage of the dragon fruit.

During the consulting sessions, some photographs showing the excitement and eagerness of farmers when they were introduced this product line which provided benefits for their crops and farm land:

Some moments, the technical staff delivered the products to the farms for farmers.

Besides consulting at store, our staffs went over to the farms to check the crops and soils condition in order to provide the suitable advice to famers:

End of the first day of consulting:
For more details and information on the next location and timing of the consulting day as well as technical enquiry, please contact our number: 0915 446 744 or web page “Wokozim- Organic fertilizer”.
See you later! 

Author information:
Ms. Phuong Lien Nguyen Thi- Vinhthinh Biostadt JSC
Ms. Hong Mai Ho Thi- Vinhthinh Biostadt JSC
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