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Maintaining Business Mission – Worthy of the Award of “Vietnamese Fisheries Golden Quality Award” for Four Consecutive Times

Winning the Golden Quality Award of Vietnamese Fisheries for four consecutive times:

The award of Vietnamese Fisheries Golden Quality has been held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with Vietnamese Fisheries Society 
since 2009. This award honors businesses, organizations, individuals that operate in the Aquaculture Industry based on four required criteria of socio-economic effectiveness, technological and scientific application to production and ecological environment. In addition organization must achieve excellence in business and make significant contribution to the general development of aquaculture industry and to society.

The 4th Award Ceremony of Vietnamese Fisheries Golden Quality was held on December 21th, 2017 in Hanoi. The ceremony had the participation of fisheries leaders such as: Mr. Vu Van Tam - Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Nghiem Vu Khai - Vice Chairman of the Union of Science and Technology Association in Vietnam, Mr. Ta Quang Ngoc – Minister of Fisheries, Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang – Chairman of Vietnamese Fisheries Society.

This was the 4th consecutive time that Vinhthinh Biostadt has been honored to receive the award “Top 10 of Vietnamese Fisheries Golden Quality Award. Vinhthinh Biostadt is the only Aqua Inputs company which has received the honour for the four consecutive times since 2009. At the same time Vinhthinh Biostadt received the prestigious award as “The Top Five Best Companies” award certified by the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Xuan Phuc. This is a great motivation for Vinhthinh Biostadt to continue to strive for the development and sustainability of Aquaculture Industry in Vietnam.

Serving farmers – Guideline for all activities:

Since establishment, Vinhthinh Biostadt’s activities have been focused on serving the farmers and with the mission: “Providing knowledge, technical solutions and the best quality products which are suitable for aquaculture and agriculture. To help in the development of sustainable Aquaculture and Agriculture Industry in Vietnam through education and introduction of scientific and eco-friendly product”.

In order to achieve this mission, Vinhthinh Biostadt has been focused on serving farmers through actual implementation of activities:

  • Transfers technology and process of the high- density raceway model to control EMS and white spot disease in the first month of culture.
  • Ensures product quality and introduce innovative and unique products which are suitable for the requirements of farmers. One such product is to replace antibiotic effectively to prevent Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Syndrome in the first 60 days culture.
  • Detects and prevents disease through the professional laboratory system including mobile laboratory on truck and laboratories located at various provinces. The service is provided free to farmer
  • Provides technical consultancy to farmers at their farms and shared solutions with them during the culture period.
  • Participates in the sustainable value chain model for shrimp which reduces production cost, improves productivity and aims to develop sustainable aquaculture.
This made the difference and met the requirements of farmers which helped Vinhthinh Biostadt to establish a firm position in the market from the beginning. It is a strong brand building for customers based on quality products and scientific dedicated services.

Wish all customers successful in new year!

Some pictures at the 4th Ceremony of Vietnamese Fisheries Golden Quality Award in 2017:

Participants include Fisheries leaders, outstanding organizations and individuals.

Mr. Nguyen Tran Nghiem Cung – Chairman of the Board and General Director of Vinhtinh Biostadt JSC (first left) at the ceremony.

Vinhthinh Biostadt received the Golden Quality Award Certificate and Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Vinhthinh Biostadt management and staff at the award ceremony

By: Marketing Department - Vinhthinh Biostadt Group

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