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The technical consulting campaigns for dragon fruit in Mekong Delta (Part 2)

Long An province is one of the most largest suppliers of dragon fruit for export in Vietnam. In order to improve the economic value of Vietnamese dragon fruit, the traders have been finding partners in countries which have high importing standards such as America, Japan and Australia. Thus, it is necessary to produce clean, fresh and disease-free products without using excessive chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

In line with these requirements, the second technical consulting campaign was carried out by Vinhthinh Biostadt in Long An. In this campaign, Vinhthinh Biostadt technicians provided technical consultancy in the ways to use Wokozim liquid and granule effectively. The technicians were also guiding dragon fruit farmers in the application of Tricel 48EC (a herbicide) and Sulfex 80WG (a pesticide) in correct concentration.

Besides, on these days, they were collecting the feedbacks from farmers who have been supporting Vinhthinh Biostadt and using Wokozim.

Mr. Son, one of the farmers in the area, recognized that the dragon fruit and its root were stronger after using Wokozim. Wokozim aslo helped in the development of dragon fruit throughout its development stages, improve the absorption of nutrients and produce good appearance of fruit harvested which is required for export. Many traders went to Mr. Son’s farm to collect his dragon fruits with high price due to the high quality of the fruits.  Mr. Son has already decided to continue using Wokozim for the next crop.

For more details and information on the next location and timing of the consulting days as well as technical enquiry, please contact our mobile number: 0915.446.744 or webpage “Wokozim-Organic fertilizer”
Hope see you later!

Author information:
B.S. Phuong Lien Nguyen Thi- Vinhthinh Biostadt JSC
M.S. Hong Mai Ho Thi- 
Vinhthinh Biostadt JSC
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