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MERA <sup>™</sup> BAC W


Probiotic for treating pollution and preventing harmful bacteria development in pond (Vibrio spp.)
1. Benefits

MeraTM Bac W is the product of Novus company (USA) (containing Bacillus sp & Pediococus acidilactici). These bacteria were isolated from successful ponds all over the world and were selected strictly based on harmful bacterial inhibition ability.

Bacteria in MeraTM Bac W can grow in wide range of environmental factors (up to 60OC and low pH).

Absorb and remove toxic gas, generate enzyme for degrading organic matter, reduce pollution, save cost for famers.

Usage of MeraTM Bac W:

-         Preparation: 500 g/ha

-         Periodical use:

+ The 1st and 2nd month: 300 g/ha, 5 – 7 days/ time
+ The 3rd month: 500 g/ha
+ The 4th month: 750 g/ha

Double the dosage in polluted pond

-         Control and prevent Luminous Bacteria Disease: decrease 2 – 3 times the usual dosage, replicate 2 – 3 times, combine with Polyzymes

-         Control harmful algae: decrease 2 – 3 times the usual dosage, replicate 2 – 3 times, aerate with molasses (3 – 5 kg/1.000m3), use at 10 – 11 PM

-         Control White feces disease and Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease:

+ Control White feces disease: 10 – 15 g/kg feeding for one week

+ Prevention: 2 – 3 g/kg feeding for the first 60 days

2. Imported from Novus Company - USA

3. Packing: 250 g/ box or package

4. Trade certification: Certification of 353/QĐ – TCTS - TTKN. Dated 07/04/2017
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