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A super concentrated digesting enzyme for promoting growth and decreasing FCR effectively
1. Dizyme – special enzyme from the most modern production technique

- Exclusive formula includes protein and enzyme for culturing P.monodon and P.vannamei at high density
- Natural ingredients and extracted under biosecurity standard from the company in USA that is famous for enzyme production technology
- The enzyme combination is varied, concentrated and stable in quality. Dizyme helps shrimps to absorb nutrients in food completely

2. Dizyme – Healthy shrimp, fast growth and good digestion

- Stimulate digestion, improve absorption of nutrients completely, promote fast growth of shrimp
- Prevent pollution due to residual feed and the bloom of toxic algae
- Reduce FCR and increase benefits of nutrients

3. Dosage

- 1-2 ml/kg feed
- Dilute DIZYME in water (rate 1:50), then mix into feed, feed after 20 minutes
- Use for all stages of culture

4. Packing 250ml bottle

5. Storage: Store in cool dark and dry place (<40oC) and protect from direct sunlight

6. Imported material from Great Lakes Biosystem,Inc – USA

7. Trade certification

Certification of 08/2013/TT-BNNPTNT. Dated 31/01/2012. Page 263, item 115. 
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