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CLINZEX<sup>™</sup - DS


High quality aquaculture grade zeolite with highest cation exchange capacity

Introduction: Dual Action...

Aquaculture grade Zeolite with highest Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). 

Zeolite functions in Aquaculture Molecular sieves zeolites are crystaline sodium or calcium aluminium silicates. They are graded or classified on the basis of their average pore diameter. 

This material has three dimensional framework structure in which silicone and aluminium atoms are tetrahydrally co-ordinated to oxygen atoms. The framework enfolds cavities containing water molecules and cations that are capable of undergoing dispersion and cation exchange. 

A number of organic substance are lying at the pond bottom. These may contain unutilized food, dead plants & fish, excretion of fish, remains of FYM etc. All these substances decay. The proteinous portion in these substances is released in the form of 'Ammonia'. It also releases other gases like sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide etc. 

Before decomposing to ammonia all organic products come to ammonium carbonate form. If Zeolites are present at this stage, they absorb ammonia through its 'Cation Exchange Capacity', thus developing a healthy environment for the prawns and fishes to grow. 


Zeolite earth in crude form many types of crystals. Only micro crystalline alkali earth metal, Aluminium Silicates are known as Zeolite. This is because the absorption of gases takes place through the surface area. Therefore only micro crystalline form of zeolite shall give desired results. Furthermore, zeolites having tetrahydra structure with maximum Calcium form are useful in Aquaculture. This is because Calcium ion is easily exchangeable with Ammonium ion. 

Biostadt's CLINZEXTM-DS is processed so that only refined micro crystalline forms high in Calcium and having tetrahydra structures are seived out to attain a very high Cation Exchange Capacity of 390-400 m.e/100gm.

SiO2 60-65%
Al2O2 18-22%
Fe2O3 2-3%
CaO 15-18%
MgO 2-5%
Na2O 1-2%
  • Purifies Water : CLINZEXTM-DS absorbs H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide), NH3 (Ammonia) and other toxic gases from water. 
  • Cleans Pond Bottom : CLINZEXTM-DS absorbs bacteria, suspended solids, waste and dirty material.
  • Increases D.O. : CLINZEXTM-DS helps to increase the amount of Dissolved Oxygen in the pond bottom with special active elements SiO2 and AI2O3
  • Helps in reproduction of plankton : Because of improved water quality and special nutrients, CLINZEXTM-DS helps in better growth and reproduction of plankton.
  • Removes bad odour : CLINZEXTM-DS absorbs bad odour from water and pond bottom and develops a healthy environment for the prawns/fishes to grow.
  • Improves water quality : CLINZEXTM-DS with its high CEC improves water quality by adjusting the pH value of the water.
Dosage and Application:

For pond preparation : 50 kgs or more per Ha
During Culture : Minimum 15-20 kgs or more per Ha 
Important : Dosage and time can be adjusted based on prevailing culture conditions or as advised by your aquaculture consultant.

Storage and Caution:
  • Storage
    Store in cool and dry place.
  • Caution 
    Avoid direct contact of concentrated solution with skin, eyes and clothing. If contacted, Flush immediately with clean water.

10 kG. HDPE lined sack.

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