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BIO CURB<sup>®</sup><sub>brand</sub>  DRY


Preventing toxic gase as NH3, NO2, H2S
1. Benefits

Biocurb®brand Dry contains especial components extracted from Yucca Schidigera, organic acid and deodorant. Biocurb®brand Dry can absorb NH3, reduce toxic in pond and prevent NH3  releasing processes. Moreover, Biocurb®brand Dry helps to remove bad smell and shrimps can feed effectively.


-         Apply 30 minutes before stocking, Biocurb®brand Dry helps Post larva to be stronger and increase survival rate: 200 g/1.000 m3

-         During culture: 100 g/1.000 m3, apply for a period of 15 days/time

-         Remove NH3, H2S, NO2 : 200 – 300 g/1.000 m3

-         Remove Gregarine in gut: 5 – 10 g/kg feed, 1 - 2 times/day

2. Imported from Kemin Company – USA

3. Packing: 500 g box

4. Trade certification: Certification of 353/QĐ – TCTS - TTKN. Dated 07/04/2017. 

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